MAGA’s Pathetic Last Gasp

Trump Caravan, Rather Pathetically, Blocking Traffic on the Mario Cuomo Bridge

hat you see when you look at this picture likely says a lot about your mood as we round the corner into Election Week. This is an image, captured today on the Mario Cuomo Bridge, between Nyack and Tarrytown over the Hudson, about 25 miles north of the City. It’s a picture of a Trump Caravan, one of several around the country today, that decided the closing argument of the campaign should be making life unpleasant for their neighbors on a rainy afternoon.

Talk about lousy marketing.

What they WANT you to see when you look at this picture is a movement unafraid. They want you to see a manifestation of their power, and their commitment to the righteous MAGA-cause. They want you to tremble in fear. But, for the life of me, all I see is a bunch of angry idiots, standing in the rain.

All the posturing and chest-thumping isn’t scary to me. I see it, rather, as the gasping and impotent rage of a political party that ran out of ideas a few decades ago. This isn’t scary. It’s sad, tragic, and embarrassing. It’s puffery. It doesn’t signal a rising, nor does it portend a shocking reversal of fortune for their cause. It’s a temper tantrum by a kid that’s about to be sent to their room.

This party has no plan at all to fix the crisis of this moment: Covid. They have no plan to fix the crises of this decade: Healthcare, environmental destruction, educational collapse, infrastructure. They have no plan to fix — or even address — the systemic crises of racism, misogyny, bigotry, and xenophobia that constrain our national growth. All they’ve got — bereft of ideas as they are — is the power to fuck up a Sunday afternoon for they fella down the block, or the lady trying to get home from work.

It’s childish. It’s performative and childish, and the actions of a movement that understands how soon they will be swept aside by both electoral and demographic waves.

They won’t be gone on Wednesday morning, that’s for sure. These folks will still be with us for years to come. They can still do damage, they can still win elections here and there. They can — and likely will — even launch a few more crackpot plans like kidnapping a governor, or taking over some bird sanctuary in the Idaho hills, but understand what this picture really means. Understand what it means about where they are politically, intellectually, socially, and morally.

And do not be afraid.

See it for what it is: We’re two days from the election, and their final play for relevance is . . . shutting down traffic in Northern New Jersey.


If that is all you’ve got left???

If so, they you’re more than lost. You are simply and entirely lost. You’re like a terrified Frill-Necked Lizard, puffing up it’s throat and trying to scare a tree frog.

You’re silly. You’re annoying. You’re an irritation that is in desperate need of being washed away. And you sure as hell aren’t scary.

When I look at this picture, I see a notice written in flaming letters across the sky, reading: MAGA ENDS HERE. It ends like it was always fated to end — with a bunch of angry, dimwitted fools, shouting obscenities, and standing in the rain.

Good riddance.

And love to you all.

Once a history teacher in Brooklyn, Mike took a sabbatical in 2004 to travel through Latin America. He never returned. He lives and works in Guatemala.

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