We’re a few minutes into America’s first federally recognized, National Juneteenth holiday, and I’m wondering how exactly to celebrate — if that’s even the right word, given my history with the history. It’s odd, as a privileged white man, to confront the day. It’s odder still as a white man who taught history for thirteen years at a public high school in Brooklyn, and yet never once did a full lesson on that particular expression of Jubilee. I mentioned it, for sure, but never did I even dedicate a single forty-five-minute class to the history of the first Juneteenth, a…

The GOP Eyes Rep. Elizabeth Cheney

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has scheduled the public flogging of Liz Cheney for sometime tomorrow afternoon. Congresswoman Cheney (R-WY), is expected to be driven from her position as the third-ranking Republican in the House for the Great Apostasy of Truth: She won’t embrace the Big Lie that unites the Republican Party in these waning days of Donald Trump.

You all know the story, for sure: After having gutted most foundational conservative policy positions, the only remaining power center in the Republican Party is the Phantom of Mar-a-Lago. His entire focus, being an ex-President and all, is how unjustly the…

Reporting around H.R.-1, also known as the For the People Act, has been simply terrible, but that’s not entirely the fault of the journalists trying to cover the fight. Very few of them think like historians or lawyers; and even those who do would have trouble parsing the argument in a way that would make sense to their viewers or readers in quick soundbites or 500-wordcount limits from editors.

Fortunately, we’ve got the time, and the space, to unfold it all here.

First, what is it? What is H.R.-1?

Well, it is also S-1. Both the House and the Senate…

The Captain of Compromise — Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)

Dear President Biden,

Last night, Joe Manchin wrote an op-ed saying that compromise in the Senate is still possible under the current filibuster rules, and that he’s committed to crafting bipartisan legislation the whole nation might support.

To my mind, that is like suggesting we build a concrete airplane to the future, but Manchin says it can be done. He says he see the way forward. So here’s my humble suggestion: Hire him, very publicly, as your pilot. In fact, you should go even further. Hire Joe Manchin as your legislative pilot, and book his whole family tickets in First…

Here’s a theory on why the boss has been silent.

The elemental construct of a post-Trumpian world is upon us, and is very simple: Democrats wish to govern, and make life better for the vast majority of our people, so as to justify the continuation of our reign. Republicans, on the other hand, hope to stoke a culture war of sufficient volatility, so that — once their dark messiah returns from the fetid swamplands — he can reap the political winds and return them to positions of authority. Only time will tell which strategy will find purchase with the electorate.

The Senate will likely pass the $1.9 trillion Covid Relief Bill in the next few days through budget reconciliation. Later in the year, the Dems will come back to do a second bill — an infrastructure bill — also on the reconciliation line. That’s a rare opportunity, as you normally only get one a year, but the last Congress punted on doing a budget for fiscal year 2021, so technically — this one is really THAT one, and the next one, in the fall, will be for fiscal year 2022. …

Knucklehead Poses for Dramatic Mugshot in Full MAGA-Gear

It’s past midnight, so the insurrectionists made it into their second day, but it all has the feel of a sinking ship. Some Congressmen and Josh Hawley will ride it to the bottom.

Good riddance.

I’m actually kinda glad that Hawley joined the Pennsylvania objection, as it gives me the chance to write a bit before bed, assured that I’ll wake up tomorrow one day closer to the end of both the Trump Regime, and the whole Trumpian Era.

— — -

What’s on my mind right now, before knocking off for the night, is my dad. I just received…

The Loathsome Mr. Cruz

The big news today is, of course, President Trump putting the screws to Georgia election officials in an effort to overturn his massive, huge, embarrassing loss to Sleepy Joe Biden. As he may have finally committed a big-boy crime, that story assuredly deserves the headlines it’s receiving. But spare a moment for Ted Cruz, too. He deserves some attention for his most recent skullduggery.

Yesterday, the preternaturally icky Junior Senator from Texas wrote a letter for the full Sedition Caucus, suggesting that we resolve the “disputed” election of 2020, by creating a committee based on the one that drafted the…

Kyle Smith of The National Review, and Author of “Monkey Love.”

The Amazon blub about Kyle Smith’s 2004 novel “Love Monkey” reads:

“Many men aim high; Tom Farrell dares to be average. While his friends accumulate wedding rings, mortgages, and even, alarmingly, babies, Tom still lives alone in his rented apartment with nothing but condiments and alcohol in his refrigerator. He spends Saturday mornings watching cartoons and eating Cocoa Puffs out of an Empire Strikes Back bowl, and devotes the rest of the weekend to his other favorite hobbies: sports and girls. His credo, to think and act like a thirteen-year-old boy at all times, has worked well enough to land…

Two Dangerous Myths, Germany 1918 and The United States 2020.

Media reaction to Donald Trump challenging the recent election results seems, so far, to be one of annoyed bemusement with a touch of gathering anxiety. The recent moves by the President to replace the civilian leadership at the Pentagon with diehard partisan loyalists, and reports of some Republican state legislators considering sending an alternate slate to the Electoral College, should send a chill up every spine. Still, it is a reasonable bet that Joseph R. Biden will be sworn into office on January 20, 2021.

That, however, will not end the existential threat posed to American democracy by Republican attempts…

Michael Tallon

Once a history teacher in Brooklyn, Mike took a sabbatical in 2004 to travel through Latin America. He never returned. He lives and works in Guatemala.

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